Security Grilles

Security Grilles London - Installation, Fitting & Repair

Internal or external security grilles are among the most effective ways to increase your property security. Choose from door or window, internal or external grilles and trust the professionals from Speedy Locksmith London to install them in your home or office. We can fit various types of grilles, gates, screens shields, burglar bars and shutters on the inside or outside of your doors and windows in a professional and diligent manner.

Our security devices can be installed on both commercial and residential buildings to give you that extra sense of protection. We are ready to supply and install removable or decorative bars for your windows and doors in the entire Greater London area. We are also your go to company in case you are looking for a guaranteed window or door grilles repair and maintenance anywhere in London.

In order to offer a flexible solution and free advice and quote for each of our clients we are available 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.

Why Should I Trust Speedy Locksmith London For My Security Grilles Installation?

Reliable customer service
Free quotes and advice
Coverage of the M25 zone
After sale maintenance
Guaranteed workmanship
Our company prides itself in providing you with quality installation, fitting and repair services of security products anywhere in Greater London, which are designed to ensure the physical protection to your commercial or residential property. We have extensively trained and comprehensively insured technicians on our team, who will install the security device of your choice expertly and efficiently.

Wide Range of Residential and Commercial Window and Door Grilles

Whether you need to secure your doors and windows externally or internally, we’ve got the solutions to fit all needs and budgets. Just choose from our wide selection below and get in touch with us to book an appointment or get further information on how best we can meet your requirements.
  • Security Grilles - you can choose from our extensive range of internal or external door or window security grilles to ensure the protection of your property against undesirable break-ins. Most models are designed to step up the security of your home or business premises without affecting much the attractive look of the building. We can install for you ornamental grilles, retractable grilles, side-folding grilles, diamond mesh, barred or strapping grilles, as well as upward coiling grilles at competitive rates and with maximum efficiency.
  • Security Shileds - Speedy Locksmith also specialises in security shields installation services that fit all needs. From window guards, scratch-resistant sunscreens with or without UV filters and sturdy steel screen doors to shields, which offer ballistic protection, applicable in high-security settings - we’ve got the expertise to help.
  • Burglar Bars - to protect your property against intruders, you may find that fitting burglar bars on your windows is what you need. We offer sturdy window bars of various styles and colours to suit best the design of your property. They can be fitted in a way that they do not affect the quantity of light permeating through the windows but still provide you with rock solid protection.
  • Roller Shutters - our selection of electric roller door shutters is suitable for both commercial and residential buildings. They not only provide you with an added security against burglars and miscreants but can also decrease your insurance premium. We offer professional installations of quality roller door shutters, garage doors and roller door shutter locks, as well as expert repair and maintenance services.

For your peace of mind, we offer excellent after sale support and maintenance to ensure your complete satisfaction with the products and services you have purchased from us.

If you are not sure about what you want, please, call us to schedule a no obligation consultation at a convenient time for you.


Security Grille or Security Shutter and Other FAQs

Can you install removable burglar bars on my windows?

Yes. We offer a variety of burglar bars, including removable window bars.

Do you install door frame bars?

Yes. We offer specialised London bar or Birmingham bar installation services, which are designed to reinforce your door frame should you become a victim of a break-in attempt.

Are your products and services guaranteed?

Absolutely. We offer a 6-months guarantee on our products, which are sourced from quality brands only.

What about fire resistant roller door shutters?

Yes. We can install for you effective fire resistant roller door shutters, as well as insulated or heavy duty roller door shutters, suitable exclusively for commercial buildings.
Your property look will not be soiled with our ornamental self-folding security grilles!