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It’s important to know that you have someone you can trust, especially in these trying times. We, at Speedy Locksmith, understand the importance of safety, not only for your property but for your family as well. This is why we’ve instructed our locksmith professionals to work in accordance with the strict requirements of our Government regarding the pandemic.

Keeping your home and business secured should be on everyone’s priority list which is why we offer to our clients in Battersea a wide range of locksmith services which include but are not limited to removing broken keys from locks, changing and repairing locks, helping you gain access to your property if you’re locked out, repairing and installing wooden doors, installing and maintaining a CCTV security system to your property and much more. We work with trained and experienced professionals that are fully insured and capable of handling emergency situations without causing any damage to your property.

If you need an emergency service, we will be there within 30 minutes to help you out and if you want to book something in advance, we have full week availability. No matter if it’s a public holiday or during the weekend, we don’t charge extra and the quote that you get will be the final price unless there are some changes in the service itself.

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4 Good Reasons to Choose Our Locksmith Services in Battersea

We arrive in 30 min

If you’re in a hurry or something unexpected happened, just give us a call and we will be there in no time.

Easy booking

You only have to call us and tell us what you need and leave the rest to the pros.

Insured service

You will also get a 6-months guarantee so if anything goes wrong within that period, we will come back for free.

What Our Clients Have to Say About the Locksmith Services We Offer in Battersea

We’ve recently expanded our offices and needed a reliable company to install a new CCTV system so we chose Speedy Locksmith for the job and we can’t be happier. They complete the job quickly and efficiently!

Jeremy Scott

I moved into a new property and since I got robbed in my last one, this time I really wanted to make sure I’ll be safe. I called Speedy Locksmiths to change my locks to more secure ones and put bars on my ground floor windows. They arrived in no time and did a great job!

Alexia S.

Now It’s Not the Time to Risk Your Safety! Call Speedy Locksmiths Today and Take Care of Your Home and Office

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For the last year, burglary has reached almost 12% of all crimes in the area of Battersea. Don’t take any chances and see how you can improve the security of your home and office. We can give you a professional consultation and book your service for a day and time convenient with your schedule. Contact us and take the necessary steps into keeping your family and business safe for the years to come!